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Proofreading and editing services


I offer a professional copy editing and proofreading service:


- Proposals

- Fiction and non-fiction texts

- Education resources and policies

- Case studies
- Academic essays, dissertations and theses

- Brochures
- Company websites
- Training and customer support documents
- Marketing materials

- Annual reports
- Magazines and journals
- CVs, applications and personal statements

- Social media

I check:
-Spelling, punctuation and grammar
-Facts and accuracy of information
-Suitability for your audience in the UK and internationally
-Consistency, structure, sense and style
-Typos (typing mistakes)
-Formatting (eg extra spaces, strange line-breaks, widows and orphans)


I can also check and edit –

- Is the type of language suitable for the target audience? Is it creating the right impression? The right atmosphere? This considers tone, vocabulary, style.
- Is the use of hyphens, semicolons, colons consistent throughout the text? Are italics used consistently or too much?
- Are alternative spellings and units of measurement always reproduced the same way?
- Is the author guilty of overwriting?
- Is the text littered with unnecessary adverbs, tentative language or unexpected speech tags?
- Can the grammar be smoothed to enhance the reading experience?
- Is the author showing the reader, or just telling them?
- Are all the chapters there? Are there enough headings? Are there too many headings?


I offer a digital proofreading service and also proofreading paper manuscripts.

I can edit using Microsoft Word, and track the changes so that you can see the alterations I make and accept or reject each one individually.

I can use the British Standards Institution (BSI) proofreading symbols when working on paper manuscripts and add queries on paper for further discussion.

I love creativity with words. I can help you refine and polish your text to make it flow and be free from errors and inconsistencies.

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